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Water Jetted
This involves the re-circulation of the water inside the tub. The water is sucked through a pump and pushed back into the tub at pressure via direction adjustable jets placed at the back, feet and sides. Due to the force of the water, this can offer a pleasant and effective massaging action and can relieve body aches.
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Jetted Bathtubs

Learn the definition of relaxation with a jetted bathtub from Baths of Distinction. Every tub comes from the eclectic minds of SanSiro. Acrylic materials make up each whirlpool bathtub so that you gain durability and beauty with your purchase. The designer integrates water jets into the tub so that you simply need an electrical source to power it up. These logistical details are hidden from view, which means that all you have to do is slide into a clawfoot jetted bathtub for a bathing session unlike any other.

All of our freestanding and drop-in jetted tubs come in various lengths, so be sure to choose the size that works for your household. No size is too large or small for our collection. Everyone should be able to enjoy a freestanding whirlpool tub from Baths of Distinction. Our quality and customer service makes every transaction a joy.