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Since 2008, Baths of Distinction has been designing and building superior quality CoreAcryl heavy duty clawfoot and pedestal bath tubs and accessories for homeowners and industry professionals. In addition to the overseas facility where we produce our tubs, we finish and jet all of our tubs at our 23,000-square foot production facility in St. Petersburg, Florida.
We consider ourselves experts in bathtub manufacture and we have extensive knowledge of all the technical issues that could be encountered during a new or refurbished bathroom installation. We are always happy to share our expertise and solutions should you have a specific problem of your own.
We don't sell tubs that we don't build and design ourselves. You will see a consistency in our pricing, not one or two tubs looking exactly the same and costing a lot different. All of our tubs are built to exacting standards of quality, we don't have low quality options that we could sell for peanuts.
We also have one of the most comprehensive range of water jetted, air jetted and spa jetted bathtubs in the industry, all built, by us, in Florida, USA.

Our goal at Baths of Distinction is to offer exceptional quality products and superior service. We stand behind our products and we stand with our customers.
At Baths of Distinction, we leave nothing to chance.

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