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Regular Surfaces
Our Hotel Collection tubs are supplied standard with a high gloss acrylic exterior and interior surface. The interior is further polished to produce a finish that looks almost identical a traditional enameled interior...without the inherent problems of enamel.
If scratched, the acrylic surface can be easily repaired. Simply by wet sanding with 1500 or 2000 grit sandpaper and buffing with an acrylic surface polish, scratches can be quickly made to disappear. Finish off with car wax and a very soft cloth.
Painted Surfaces
The painted finish on the exterior of our tubs is the same procedure used in automobiles. We prepare with two coats of epoxy primer, heat and dry. We then sand down the primer and apply two coats of automobile paint with clear coat. Again, this is heat dried for extra hardness. We offer finishes in high gloss, satin and matt. However, on matt finishes, hand prints etc. show up easier. Since many clients prefer the more authentic cast iron painted look, we also offer a rougher more mottled finish to resemble an actual cast iron tub painted exterior
Surface scratches can be easily repaired by using car wax or rubbing compound for more stubborn scratches or scrapes. However, the very resiliant coating applied is not easy to mark or scratch.
While interior tub painting is possible, we don't recommend this. Apart from being a complete departure from tradition where old cast iron tub exteriors would have been painted or polished, constant use will eventually cause interior paint to wear.
Metal Coated Exteriors
We offer various 'metal spray' coatings for the exterior of our tubs in Aged Chrome. We also offer a distressed chrome look to mirror the finish of a traditional polished cast iron exterior.
The application of these finishes takes several days and buyers can expect to add a week to their delivery time. To protect the surface over the years each tub is finished with a high quality clear coat to produce a durable and authentic metal appearance.

On aged chrome, we first use two coats of epoxy primer. The primer coats are UV dried and wet sanded to offer a smooth finish for the special high gloss black base coat. We then apply two coats of the high gloss black base coat and again UV dry. After UV and 24 hours air drying, we polish the base coat until it is a very bright deep black finish. We then mist spray the special chrome paint, often applying up to three coats. After again allowing to dry for 24 hours, we lightly polish the chrome to offer a more worn appearance than just a standard finish to give a true authentic look. At this time, we will often add some scoring to the chrome for authenticity as we want it to look like a traditional cast iron exterior. We then clear coat with a very high quality clear coat, using three coats to complete. After a further 48-72 hours air drying, the tub receives a final polish to be made ready for shipping.