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Heat Retaining Foam Insulated Freestanding Air Massage Tubs with Water Heaters
This fabulous range of tubs offers the latest 'Patent Pending' freestanding tub option from the designers and engineers at SanSiro, Air Jetting with Spa Heated Water.
So many customers are seeking an energy efficient method for maintaining the water heat in their baths to enjoy the many stress relieving and relaxation benefits of a long, hot soak.
When the air jets enter the tub, even though their actual temperature is higher than the tub water, they still feel slightly cooler when to burst on contact with the skin. At 104 degree spa water temperature, this can feel particularly invigorating.
Our 'Patent Pending' system fits neatly into the cavity inside the tub body and, when activated, silently draws water from the tub and passes it through a powerful water heater at low pressure to maintain and gradually increase the temperature to 104 degrees Fahrenheit for a true spa soak.
To further compliment the energy efficiency of the system, each tub is specially foam insulated ensuring maximum heat retention.
For increased hygiene, the system is fitted with Ozone Sanitizing to kill bacteria.
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