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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

After ordering, how soon will my tub ship?
We always post the delivery time on each individual clawfoot and pedestal tub listing. Regular soaking tubs ship within 1 or 2 days, painted and coated tubs take about two weeks and jetted tubs up to three weeks.

How will I know when to expect delivery of my tub?
When your tub leaves our facility, we send you tracking details by email. We explain how you should inspect the tub on arrival. When the tub reaches the local transport company hub, they will call you to set up a suitable window for delivery.

Does the shipper need help to get the tub off the truck?
No, we always ship with lift-gate delivery. The Shipper is responsible to offload the truck to your curbside.

Will the shipper put the tub inside my garage or home?
No, the shipper will only leave it at the curbside, you will need to supply the labor to move it inside.

What happens if the tub is damaged?
You simply refuse the delivery and contact us. We will send out an immediate replacement.

Are the products approved for use?
All our clawfoot, pedestal and skirted tubs are cUPC listed for Canada. All of our jetted/whirlpool tubs are cUL listed and all of our faucets are cUPC listed. Every tub and faucet we sell is approved for installation in the USA and Canada.

Are the products MA Code Accepted?
All of our tubs and faucets are MA Code Accepted.

Do the tub and sink faucets meet California standards?
Yes, all of our faucets meet current CA standards

Are the tubs and faucets tested to any National Specifications?
Our jetted tubs are UL tested and listed and all of our soaking tubs have been tested and certified by IAPMO laboratories. Our tubs meet or exceed the following American and Canadian National Standards:
ANSI Z124.1.2-2005
CSA B45.0-02
CSA B45.5-02
Most local building inspectors will be looking for this before signing off on permits.

Are there any additional shipping, sales tax or import costs for Canadian buyers?
In most cases, no. The only exceptions would be for rural, difficult to reach areas. We cover all costs to your curbside and we handle the broker clearing.

When I purchase a Faucet Package and I select a finish, will all the parts, faucets, feet, drain etc.match?
When you make your selection for Fittings Finish, all hardware including the above mentioned will be supplied to match. You also have the option to stipulate white claw feet if preferred.

Why build vintage bath tubs from CoreAcryl and not Cast Iron?
CoreAcryl is very strong and relatively light weight. It is easy to repair if scratched or even chipped. It is easy to clean and comfortably retains its high gloss finish if maintained correctly. It has a high gloss 'enamel look' inside and outside. It is easy for an installer to handle. Cast iron clawfoot tubs are beautiful, but they have none or few of these qualities.

Do the tubs have good water heat retention?
Our CoreAcryl tubs offer exceptional heat retention. When tested against cast iron, they will maintain a steady 6 degree higher temperature. CoreAcryl is not cold to the touch like cast iron.

If I order a faucet package or shower package, will I need anything else to install?
No, you won't need anything else. There are some extras or options you may wish to order, but what you receive will be sufficient to install your tub package.

Can I just order a tub and buy fittings elsewhere?
Yes, we offer 'tub only' sales on our website.

When I want the exterior of the tub a different color from high gloss bright white, how exactly is this done and what other colors are available?
When we coat tub exteriors, we prepare exactly the same as a car manufacturer. There are several coats and sanding in between all of them. This is a very high specification finish, but we want it to be easy to maintain and to last forever. If you send us a paint color number, a paint swatch or any other paint reference, we will match it. This way, your tub can match the rest of your bathroom while still retaining it's vintage look.
We also offer finishes in high gloss, eggshell, aged chrome finish, gold, silver and copper leaf, aged silver, gold and copper leaf.

On the Air Massage Jetted tubs, how noisy is the blower?
We get asked this question a lot. We know there are some very noisy blowers out there, even as high as 95 decibels. At it's highest speed, our blower, which is made in the USA, runs at 65 decibels. When you sit in your tub, you hear the relaxing sound of bubbling water, not a noisy blower.