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When your SanSiro freestanding jetted bathtub is supplied with a remote control rather the button activation, there will be no fittings on the tub to activate the jetting system. Simply use the waterproof remote control.
The remote control BUTTONS will be as follows, depending on your tub purchase;
Water Jet Only and/or Hater and/or Ozone- On/Off
Water Jet Only and/or Heater and/or Ozone and/or Chromotherapy Light - On/Off + Light
Air Jet Only and/or Ozone - On/Off + Speed Control
Air Jet Only and/or Ozone and/or Chromotherapy Light - On/Off + Speed Control + Light
Hydro Spa -On/Off Air + Speed Control Air + On/Off Water +
On/Off Chromotherapy Light
To change the light color on the chromotherapy, just press the On/Off to see next option
For pressure on water jets, adjust the speed control jets on the tub

To change the battery on your remote control, please follow the instructions on
this video link