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We have tub sizes from 53" to 79" in both soaker and jetted versions

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Finding the right bathtub size can be a tricky task. Too small and you end up feeling cramped with little room to actually decompress. Too large and your tub can take over your bathroom space, throwing off the entire room. Striking the right balance between comfort and space is key to enjoying your bathroom.

Typically, space will be your main consideration. You will need to measure the area and ensure you choose a tub with width and length dimensions that will work. If space isn't an issue, then you'll need to choose a size based on your height. If you can find a bathtub that fits your bathroom and accommodates your size, then you've hit the jackpot!

We carry a full range of bathtub sizes so that you can get the right fit no matter what your situation is. In general, small bathtub sizes have a length starting at 53 inches, medium bathtubs begin at about 60 inches, and long bathtubs begin at 71 inches. The standard bathtub size is about 60 inches long and 30 to 32 inches wide. Many find sizes around 60 inches to be comfortable without overwhelming their space.

Once you've measured the space and determined your ideal tub dimensions, simply choose the size you want from the menu. You'll find a selection of high-quality, beautifully designed bathtubs that fit into your length requirements.