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SanSiro Marseille W67VG 67 Inch Water Jetted Verdigris Aged Copper Shell French Bateau Bathtub with CoreAcryl Acrylic Interior
SanSiro W67VG 67" Water Jetted Verdigris Copper Shell French Bateau  Bathtub with Thick CoreAcryl  Acrylic Interior plus Darin
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No Remote Parts - All Built-in

  • Fabulous verdigris aged 14gge thick copper exterior
  • The lacquered finish exterior will not patina any further
  • 3/4" thick CoreAcryl white acrylic interior
  • Super quiet 1.25hp water pump
  • Direction control on 4 back and 2 foot jets plus speed and direction control on 4 side jets
  • Waterproof remote control operation
  • Integrated drain and overflow in choice of finish
  • All jetted fittings housed between the tub inner and outer shell
  • All jet fittings are supplied in white
  • This tub requires two standard 15amp-110volt GFCI connection
  • cUL listed and MA Code accepted
  • Your Price: $6,095.00

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    Product Code: W67VG

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    SanSiro Marseille W67VG 67 Inch Water Jetted Verdigris Aged Copper Shell French Bateau Bathtub with 3/4" Thick CoreAcryl Acrylic Interior
    • Water Jetting
      Direction control on four back and two foot jets, variable speed and direction control on four side jets.
    • Jet Pressure Control
    • Higher pressure on the back and foot jets can be achieved by turning the flange on the variable speed side jets and lowering their output.
    • Fittings Position
    • The double shell tub design makes it possible to maintain the original bathtub appearance with no visible or remote jetting parts. All of the fittings are contained within the cavity in between the shells. The verdigris copper exterior is lacquered and will not patina any further. Any marks should be removed using a soft, damp cloth.
    • Bath Salts and Bubble Bath
      It is safe to use bath salts and bubble bath. However, make sure the salts are dissolved before entering the bath or they can scratch the tub surface.
    • Care and Maintenance
      Cleaning the high gloss acrylic finish requires a wipe down with a soft cloth and some very gentle liquid soap without abrasives.
    • Recommended Regular Maintenance

      To maintain excellent hygiene, we strongly recommend the following preventative maintenance be carried out each 1-2 months.

      • Fill you tub with warm water to 2" above the top jet.
      • Add two cups of household bleach.
      • Activate all the jets on in the fully open position.
      • Allow the jets to run for 15 minutes.
      • Switch the jets off and allow the water to sit for 15 minutes.
      • Empty the tub.
      • Re-fill with fresh water, again 2" above the top jet.
      • Run the jets for 15 minutes.
      • Empty the tub and the job is finished.
      • If the tub is not in constant use, it is still very important to continue the maintenance as described herein.