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In-line water heater explained.

What is the purpose of an inline water heater?

Unlike a standard outdoor hot tub, the water heater on a bathtub is designed to maintain the temperature of the water added to the bathtub. It is not designed cold water up to bathing temperature.
Will it increase the water temperature in the bath?
The heater only works when the water jets are activated. It will gradually increase the water temperature, but probably only by about two to three degrees over a period of a half hour.
Is it safe to use?
Most in-line water heaters are pressure switch activated. In other words, if there is no water running through it, it will not activate. They are considered to be very safe to use.
Is there a way to know it's working?
In-line water heaters do normally include a light fitted to the heater, but the light is not normally visible when in use. It can be tested for working by using a thermometer.
How long should an inline water heater last?
Heater manufacturers generally expect the heater to outlast the typical lifetime of a jetted bathtub.
Is it safe to use bath salts with an in-line heater?
Bath salts will have very little effect on the life and efficiency of the heating element.