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Chromotherapy underwater light explained.

What is a chromotherapy underwater light?
A chromotherapy underwater light is a waterproof light fitting that will attach to a bathtub wall. It will generally have several choices of light color to chose from. It is offered as a mood enhancement feature.
Is a chromotherapy light safe?
Most, if not all all chromotherapy lights are low voltage and are extremely safe to us. Some tubs on the market do include a chromotherapy light that automatically engages when the water pump operates. These can also flash through the different colors as the only option, this would not be considered as being safe for many users.
How is it operated?
It would normally be activated by a dedicated air switch or button on a remote. Each time the activator is pressed, the light will change to a new color.
What are the different colors for?
Each color is regarded by specialists in light therapy as having a different soothing effect upon a person's mood. When used inside a darkened bathroom, the scene created can also be quite dramatic and very pleasant.
How long would the light normally last?
Most chromotherapy lights are LED and should last for very many years. The fitting itself is normally designed for easy access in the event of a bulb failure.