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What is Ozone Sanitizing in a Jetted Bathtub?
Ozone sanitizing is used in jetted bathtubs to prevent the build up of bacteria in the water and air lines and fittings. It does this by converting the oxygen in the water to O3 which prevents bacteria from forming.

Is ozone sanitizing safe for humans?
When used in the bathtub, ozone sanitizing is considered to be safe for humans. It normally produces a slight odor, often described as the smell of air after a downpour of rain.
Is ozone sanitizing essential in a jetted bathtub?
Ozone sanitizing is not an essential feature on any jetted bathtub. It is not considered important on air jetted bathtubs where each individual jet is fitted with a backflow preventer and manufacturer hygiene recommendations are followed. It can be useful in water and hydro-spa jetted bathtubs as there will be an inevitable amount of moisture left in the water lines.
Are there other options rather than using ozone?
A standard recommendation for water jetted tub hygiene is that each two to three months, the tub should be filled with warm water and two cups of household bleach added. Fill the tub to one inch above the highest jet and run for 15 minutes. Allow the tub to sit for a further 15 minutes with no jets running and repeat with fresh water to rinse. If this maintenance is consistent, it will dramatically reduce the potential for any bacteria build up in the tub jetting system. However, ozone, if used in conjunction, will assist in the hygiene function.
How long will the ozone generator last?
Most ozone generator suppliers say they expect them to last at least the lifetime of a normal jetted bathtub.