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We use the top suppliers in the USA for all of our parts and due to our own extensive quality control and testing before shipping, issues with our jetted bathtubs are uncommon. However, if they do arise, we want to know that your tub will be fixed.

Here is how we handle problems or breakdowns on jetted tubs.
  1. During the first year of warranty, we will pay the costs for both the repair technician and any parts. However, we will ask you to help us first ascertain that the problem is caused by a component rather than an installation issue. (Crazily enough, in the past, we have had to charge a client as the installer forgot to plug in the blower to the receptacle under the tub, so it had no electrical connection). If we confirm it is a component issue, we will contact one of our recommended technicians in your area and give them details and send any spare parts they need. We will ask them to contact you to visit at a suitable time to complete the repair. If the technician does find it is an installation error, (GFCI tripped, not plugged in etc.), we will ask you to be responsible for the costs.
  2. During years 2 through 5, we will supply all parts required free of charge. We will still use our network to find a suitable technician to perform your repair. After we understand what is needed, we will ship the parts to the technician. We will also advise and liaise with the technician on the repair procedure if we can identify it beforehand. The technician will charge you directly for his time.
  3. After year five, the parts will be out of warranty, but we will supply you any spare parts at our cost + 10%. We will still also assist in finding a suitable technician and we will liaise with him and you to make sure the repair is done correctly.
  4. In the unlikely event we are unable to find a local technician, we may also offer to send a factory technician to your home.