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SanSiro Eclipse79CHS 78.5 x 39.5 inch Center Drain HYDRO-SPA Water and Air Jetted High Gloss White ACRYLIC Freestanding Bathtub
SanSiro Eclipse 78in HydroSpa Freestanding Bathtub
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MADE in the USA

Loaded with technology and Made in the USA, the Eclipse79CHS provides you with the "true spa" experience - heated air jetting, heated water massage jetting, variable speed blower and pump, chromotherapy light and ozone sanitizing, all wrapped up in an elegant minimalist style freestanding bathtub with no exposed pumps or hoses. Our hydro-spa tubs are designed to provide you with the ultimate in bathing luxury and relaxation.

  • This product qualifies for Free Shipping - lower 48 US states
  • 78.5 inch length
  • Does not include a faucet
  • Includes a pop-up drain in choice of finish plus drain hub to fit to drain pipe in floor
  • Drain designed for installation from above or below floor level
  • Integrated overflow drain improves ease of installation
  • Includes a 650w in-line water heater to maintain water temperature during jetting
  • Includes single speed air blower with a powerful 600w air heater
  • Includes a variable speed control quiet water pump with turbo manifold back pressure and an in-line water heater
  • 12 total direction control water jets, 6 V shape back, 2 foot and 4 wall
  • 16 total air jets, 8 wall and 8 floor
  • Includes a 10-color select chromotherapy under water mood light
  • Incorporates Ozone sanitizing
  • Requires TWO x 110v - 15 amp GFCI connections
  • Designed and manufactured for optimal water heat retention
  • cUL Listed
  • MA Code Accepted
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Description Electrical Cord


Hydro-Spa Jetted Freestanding Modern Tub - Made in the USA


Length & Width (Outer)

78.5 x 39.5 Inches

Length & Width (Bathing Floor)

43 x 19 Inches

Depth to Overflow

14 Inches

Approximate Empty Weight

172 Lbs

Stepover Height

24 Inches

Capacity to Overflow

81 US Gal

Overflow Position

Center, Integrated

Suitable Faucets

Freestanding, Wall Mount or Deck Mount

Electrical Connection

Two 110V 15A GFCI Required

Drain Connection

1.5" Drain Hub Supplied

Ozone Sanitizing


Chromotherapy Light

10-color Selectable Light Included

Direction-adjustable Water Jets

12 Total

Air Jets

16 Total


Our USA made Hydro-Spa water and air jetted tubs represent the top of the line, most feature-inclusive tubs that we supply. Featuring a modern, minimalist aesthetic, our Eclipse79CHS is built from the ground up to provide the ultimate bathing luxury and an enduring, quality tub that you will enjoy for years to come.

The Eclipse79CHS is a luxuriously sized tub, with a wide rim for you to place items on. Inside you will find 16 strategically positioned air bubble jets providing coverage to your legs, feet and back. The sides of the tub are fitted with water massage jets positioned to massage the sides of your body and legs; foot massage water jets are placed at one end of the tub while the other end features six back massage jets positioned in a V formation. All of the water jets offer individual direction control.

You'll also find an impressive list of technology behind our Hydro-Spa tubs, starting with speed controls for water jets, allowing you to vary the intensity of their massaging action. To power our systems we use what are considered to be the quietest air blowers and water pumps on the market, ensuring that when you're in the tub, you hear the water action and not the equipment.

To keep the injected air bubbles as warm as possible, we equip the blower with a powerful heating element to pre-heat the injected air. This heater will raise the ambient temperature 15 to 20 degrees within a period of around 2 minutes, so switching the air jetting on before entering the tub can be a good idea. While not feeling just as cool, even heated air bubbles will feel a little cool when they make contact with the skin.

To maintain hygiene in the air pipes, every time you take a bath and drain the water, engage the blower for about 15 seconds to purge all residual water in the lines. Every three months, we recommend that you fill the tub about two inches over the highest jet with lukewarm water and add a half cup of bleach. Engage the blower and let run for two minutes. Empty and repeat this step with clean water and purge the lines when the tub is empty.

The water pump also features an incorporated heater which automatically heats the water as it flows during jetting, This will maintain the water temperature and in some cases, more so with smaller tubs, increase the temperature slightly after running 20-30 minutes. The heater features a safety cut-off and will not activate unless there is water in the pump, to prevent damage to the heater.

Hydro-spa tubs also feature sanitizing ozone generators, which ensure that bacteria will not build up in the lines. Additionally, ozone slightly softens the bathwater, enhancing the bathing experience.

To complete your "true spa" experience, hydro-spa tubs are equipped with a 10-color chromotherapy light - perfect for a soothing soak and massage in a subdued light at the end of a busy, tiring day.

All of this technology is elegantly concealed between the inner and outer shells of the tub and need only to be connected to two 15 Amp GFCI electrical connections to be up and running. The air blower, chromotherapy light and ozone are on one GFCI system and the water pump and heater are on the other. Our hydro-spa tubs are a complete, freestanding unit.

Our tubs aren't just designed for a luxurious bathing experience, they're also designed to be easy to install and easy to service, if needed. Your hydro-spa tub includes everything needed to install your tub, including the tub drain. In the unlikely event that it is necessary to service the concealed components of the tub, gaining access to these parts is a simple matter of unplugging the tub, unscrewing the drain basket, lifting the tub off of the drain and turning it on its side. The Eclipse79CHS also provides ample room on its wide rim to fit most deck mounted tub fillers on the market.