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SanSiro Asti73CHS 73 x 34 inch Center Drain Variable Speed Water and Air Jetted Hydro-Spa Freestanding Bathtub with Zone Power Control
SanSiro Asti73CHS 73x34in Center Drain Hydro Tub
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No Remote Parts - All Built-in
  • Super quiet 1.25hp water pump
  • Zone Water Speed and Pressure Control
  • 10 direction control jets, 4 back, 4 feet, 2 hip
  • In-line water heater
  • Ozone sanitizing
  • Super quiet 0.5hp air variable speed warmed air blower
  • 12 air jets with backflow prevention on the tub floor
  • Chromotherapy underwater light with 7 color choices
  • Waterproof remote control operation
  • Integrated drain and overflow in choice of finish
  • All jetted fittings housed between the tub inner and outer shell
  • All jet fittings are supplied in white
  • This tub requires two standard 15amp-110volt GFCI connection
  • Meets or exceeds ASME A112.19.7/CSA B45.10
  • All electrical components UL listed
  • MA Code accepted
  • Your Price: $3,910.00

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    Drain Fittings Finish*:

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    SanSiro Asti73CHS 73 x 34 inch Center Drain Variable Speed Water and Air Jetted Hydro-Spa Freestanding Bathtub
    • Water Jetting
      Direction adjustment on four back jets, two hip jets and four foot jets.
    • Zone Water Speed and Pressure Control
    • The real power and therapy behind the water jets. A simple shift of the Zone Control lever will adjust the speed on all foot and back jets to suit your preference. It can also double the water pressure to the feet or the back for the most powerful water massage jetting in the bathtub industry.
    • In-Line Heater
      The water jetting includes an in-line water heater that will maintain and even slightly increase the water temperature during jetting. The heater works automatically when the water runs through it.
    • Air Jetting
      The air blower is fitted with variable speed control for total enjoyment. The twelve individual air injectors in the floor will bubble up around your legs, soothingly caressing your skin as they rise. Activating the air blower for about a minute before entering the tub can be a good idea for heating up the bubbles. While the air is warmed, it can still feel slightly cool when the bubbles first touch the skin. The sensation still feels fabulous. For additional hygiene, we recommend you activate the blower for 15 seconds after each bath to blow out any moisture trapped in the air lines.
    • Chromotherapy
      For additional bathing relaxation, the system includes a seven color choice, mood enhancing chromotherapy underwater light.
    • Ozone Sanitizing
      Ozone sanitizing is included with the hydro-spa jetting system. While the jetting tubes will drain very effectively, a little residual moisture retention is unavoidable. The ozone system, which only activates when the tub is jetting, will prevent bacteria build up. However, the regular maintenance suggested herein is a necessity for fully effective hygiene.
    • Fittings Position
      The double shell tub design makes it possible to maintain the original bathtub appearance with no visible or remote jetting parts. All of the fittings are contained within the cavity in between the shells.
    • Bath Salts and Bubble Bath
      It is safe to use bath salts and bubble bath. However, make sure the salts are dissolved before entering the bath or they can scratch the tub surface.
    • Care and Maintenance
      Cleaning the high gloss acrylic finish requires a wipe down with a soft cloth and some very gentle liquid soap without abrasives.
    • Recommended Regular Maintenance

      To maintain excellent hygiene, we strongly recommend the following preventative maintenance be carried out each 1-2 months.

      • Fill you tub with warm water to 2" above the top jet.
      • Add two cups of household bleach.
      • Activate all the jets on in the fully open position.
      • Allow the jets to run for 15 minutes.
      • Switch the jets off and allow the water to sit for 15 minutes.
      • Empty the tub.
      • Re-fill with fresh water, again 2" above the top jet.
      • Run the jets for 15 minutes.
      • Empty the tub and the job is finished.
      • If the tub is not in constant use, it is still very important to continue the maintenance as described herein.
    Zone Jetting Power Increase from Normal to Maximum