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Before shipping, every tub we build goes through a process of testing and final inspection.
The testing consists of filling the tub up above the overflow, checking all the functions and running everything for over 2 hours.
In all, we let the water sit in the tub for 4 hours.
After confirming everything is working and there are no leaks, the tub goes into our finishing department where any small marks or blemishes are removed and polished.
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Pedestal and Clawfoot Tubs With Jets - Vintage Tubs

Classic meets modern in vintage tubs with jets from Baths of Distinction! Shop our collection of clawfoot jetted tubs and other pedestal tubs that are visually stunning while still offering the best in modern hot-air jetting technologies. The right clawfoot tub with jets allows you to maintain the classic style of your bathroom while luxuriating in soothing, jetted water.

Pedestal tubs with jets in this category come from trusted names like SanSiro and Nicolosa. From French bateau to simple oval designs, these vintage tubs feature many configurations. Many of our top sellers in this category have jets that can be adjusted according to speed and direction, making it a snap to get the exact results that you need. Relaxing in a gorgeous bathtub has never been easier or more enjoyable!