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CoreAcryl (acrylic-stone resin compound) Tub body
Twenty Five Year Limited Warranty
Cast Iron with Enamel bathtubs Five Year Limited Warranty
Faucets, drains, supply lines, valves, showers, shower systems Three Year Limited Warranty - no labor
Finishes on hardware Two Year Limited Warranty - no labor
Walk-in Tubs Five Years Limited warranty
Jetted Tubs

Ten Year Tub Body, Five Years Electrical Parts + One Year Labor
Saunas and Steam Showers
Five Years Limited warranty

Baths of Distinction Inc. (the "Company") extends a non-transferable limited warranty to the original purchaser (the "User" who purchases the unit for personal or single family residential use as follows). On Labor limited warranty, the company shall, at its election, send a technician or locally appointed service company to repair or replace any failed factory fitted component as described above due to workmanship. On Limited Parts warranty the company shall, at its election, send the user either a replacement cartridge or entire part.

The Company warranties can only be transferred if purchased by a developer or builder and on receipt of prior written confirmation of such by the company. Warranty coverage commences on the date the unit was originally purchased by the user and upon receipt by the company of a completely filled out Warranty Registration Document as described herein.

Warranty Exclusions and Limitations

The limited warranty shall not cover, without limitation, damage from failure to install in accordance with the company's instructions, fading from exposure to direct sunlight, damage from use of abrasive cleaning agents, damage from improper handling, abuse, misuse, neglect, accident or natural disaster, damage due to improper handling, installation or subsequent movement after initial installation, alteration from original design or failure to follow company recommended maintenance and cleaning of metallic coated or plated hardware, defects, damage or failure caused by the common carrier, installer, user or other person, pets, or rodents. In addition, the company shall not be responsible for incidental damage or consequential damages or losses arising from any cause including but not limited to water damage to carpet, ceiling, tiles, marble, wood flooring, loss of use etc., including its own negligence. Warranty coverage is provided in the United States and Canada.

Exclusion of Implied Warranties

Implied warranties or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed altogether or to the fullest extent allowed by law. There are no warranties applicable to the products except as expressly stated herein or as implied by applicable state and federal laws. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitation of special, incidental or consequential damages, so these limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Responsibilities of Others

The company is not responsible for costs to modify any product to obtain any code approvals, such as city, county or state building codes in the USA.
Warranty Card Registration: In order to validate this warranty. The warranty registration card must be completely filled out and returned within 30 days from original purchase date or must be completed and registered through our website.

Warranty Service

As well as its' own factory trained technical staff, the company maintains a list of independent service personnel to perform required warranty service repairs. Such firms are not agents or representatives of the company and cannot bind the company by words or conduct. The company will provide the warranty service described herein when the following conditions have been met:
a) the failure is of a nature or type covered by the warranty.
b) the user has informed the company of the nature of the problem during the warranty period.
c) In order to obtain warranty service, please contact Baths of Distinction through the technical help line at 1.866.938.3880 or by email at

All replacement parts, equipment, and repairs shall assume the remaining warranty period of the parts replaced. The company's warranty obligation shall be discharged upon tender of replacement or repair.

How we Handle Any Warranty Issues

We have been building jetted tubs for over 15 years and while we don’t expect that you will have a problem with your tub, it can happen.

Over the years we have put together some statistics;



Jetted Tubs Leaking when arrived on site

1 in 1000

Jetted Tubs Leaking after year one to year 3

1 in 5000

Jetted Tubs Leaking year 4 to year 10

1 in 5000

Water pump not working when arrives on site

1 in 5000

Water pump stops working within first 10 years

1 in 5000

Air Blower not working when arrives on site

1 in 5000

Air blower stops working within first 10 years

1 in 5000

Other features not working when arrives on site

1 in 5000

Other features not working within first 10 years

1 in 4000

Issue with acrylic surface when arrives on site

1 in 10000

Issue with acrylic surface within first 10 years

1 in 9000

To give you some background:
· We are in total control of quality control on all acrylic tubs from day one formation of the shell till it ships to our client.
· We do not control the quality control the parts like pumps, air blowers, check valves, jets and jet bodies we purchase from our North American manufacturers.
· We do however inspect and fully test each and every item received from all manufacturers and reject and return between 0.2% and 0.5% of the goods we receive. These manufacturers only offer a short, limited warranty and it does not cover any labor. All issues with a failing part from them becomes our responsibility.
· We are in total control of jetting and after production, each tub is individually tested for a period of 4 hours before having its final quality control check.
· All tubs are sent to our finishing department to clean and inspect before packing.
· We pack very carefully and place the tub inside a heavy-duty cardboard box that is then strapped to a wooden pallet, ready for shipping.


When we receive notification of an issue when a tub is first installed, we will ask for perhaps a few photos and perhaps a video to determine the extent of the issue. If we feel it is something easily fixed by your installer, we will tell him what to do and we will pay the costs for that. This will not void the warranty.

If it something that the installer cannot handle, we will look at three options.

1. We will try to find a local repair person who specializes in jetted tubs or hot tubs.

2. We will send out a replacement tub and pay up to $500 costs for your installer to replace. This should be an ample amount anywhere in the country.

3. We will send a factory technician to you to fix the issue.

During the first year, our warranty covers both parts and labor. Should an issue occur during that time, we will follow the same procedure as just installed.

By then, our warranty only covers the parts cost. While issues after the first year are very rare, we understand that our client could face difficulties finding a suitable repair person to replace any parts we supply. We would assist in finding a suitable person to repair. If we are jointly unable to find a repair person, we will consider sending a factory technician to repair. We would ask our client to pay a small portion of these costs.

The conditions noted above are not offered where a tub has been incorrectly installed or otherwise used or handled incorrectly.

It is our contention that most consequential damage due to waters leaks can be mitigated by the user to prevent these becoming excessive. One thing we strongly oppose is 100% caulking under the bathtub. If the tub is installed correctly, there should be no real point in this procedure. However, should a client prefer the base to be caulked for appearances sake, we strongly suggest that some gaps are left in case water does leak. At least it will be seen.
Water leaks can be caused by a variety of actions. These include a hard bump on the tub that moves when in situ. Even though we supply a product that is designed to prevent moving, there is a limit to how hard a knock anything can take. While highly unusual, a water pipe could come off or a pump casing could develop a crack.
To best protect the interests of all involved, if your tubs leaks and causes a lot of consequential damage, the best procedure is to contact your home insurer and then us. Your insurer will send out an inspector to determine the source of the fault take care of your claim. In turn, and depending on what they identify as being the problem, they will either contact the plumber or builders' insurer, our insurer or our pump or parts supplier insurer.