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Cast Iron Tub and Faucet Packages

The use of cast iron as a tub making material is a custom as old as the clawfoot tub itself, though even some early tubs were made of alternative materials such as tin or copper. Large scale production of porcelain enameled cast iron tubs first began in the 1880s, and the process used to make them is much the same today.

Due to a manufacturing process in which few automated procedures are used, cast iron tubs may exhibit a variance of up to 2% from their approximate quoted sizes. There is also typically some undulation in the enameled surface of the tub.

Even a modern cast iron tub is a unique piece with small imperfections which is not truly like any other tub, and very much an authentic representation of the tubs that would have been found in the bathrooms of the late 19th and early 20th century.

All of our cast iron tubs are provided as faucet packages, which include a faucet and drain at a lower cost than buying these items separately. These packages include everything needed for installation with the faucet being mounted on a wall. There is also an upgrade option for a freestanding faucet, which can be mounted directly on the floor.

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