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Air Massage Jets

Air Massage Jetting can be added to the entire range of clawfoot, skirted and pedestal bathtubs. Clawfoot tubs use 'REMOTE BLOWER' systems where the blower is positioned away from the tub in a separate cupboard, room, or attic. Pedestal and skirted tubs incorporate an 'INTEGRATED BOWER' where the blower is hidden in the pedestal or in the skirt of the tub and there is a Hartford Loop hidden at the back of the pedestal tub or inside the skirt.

- Available on all Baths of Distinction skirted, pedestal ad modern tubs. Simple to install - just plug into electrical outlet.

General Information

Most states, if not all, require a jetted bathtub to be UL Listed All Baths of Distinction jetted bathtubs are made in the USA and are UL Listed. Ready to connect to a 15 amp 120v GFCI.
The number of jets depends on the tub style and size
On HL tubs, all of the jets are positioned on the floor of the tub and are specially designed and shaped to be gentle on feet and legs, similar to the feel of our slip resistant surface floor. You won't feel them at all when sitting on them.
Activation of the variable speed heated Ultra Quiet air blower is through the remote control switch.
It is important that you purge the air lines after bathing or showering. After the bath empties, purge the lines by allowing the blower to run for 10 to 15 seconds. This will remove any water trapped in the lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the air bubbles cool the water?
We supply a blower with a heater which, in accordance with UL safety requirements will heat the bubble up to over 135 degrees Fahrenheit, warmer than the water temperature. However, by the time the bubbles hit the water, they will most likely still feel slightly cool as they alter to the water temperature. As with all air bubble tubs, DO NOT expect these bubbles to feel warm. It is a good idea to activate the blower before entering the tub to give the bubbles a little time to heat up.

Where is the blower fitted?
If you are buying a modern SanSiro tubs or a tub with a pedestal, the blower will be situated inside skins or under the pedestal. (integrated blower)
On remote clawfoot blowers, we supply 12' of flexible air hose to connect your tub to the blower housing. The remote blower would generally be situated in an adjacent room cupboard or linen closet inside the bathroom. Another option is to build a small housing unit that can be placed along the end or side of your tub. The smallest housing for the entire blower and Hartford Loop would be 30" x 10." We recommend using a 10" x 10" air vent at the blower to allow for air flow and access. The height of your housing will depend on your tub height. The minimum height will be the same as the deck height on your tub.

How is the blower operated?
We supply a remote control that allows you to switch on and off as well as control the speed.

Where are the jets?
On out VTA and HL range of tubs, all the jets are all on the floor of the tub. On our SS and Modern SanSiro tubs, they are both on the floor and the tub walls.

How do I access the blower if I use and independent housing unit for the blower?
Please see the manual for full instructions.

Can I use bubble bath' aromatherapy oils or bath salts?
Yes, but remember the agitation of the jets might cause the bubble bath to become very bubbly, causing them to spill out of the bath.

What specifications does the tub meet?
The tub itself meets or exceeds the requirements of ANSI Z124.1.1-2005. The tub is cUL listed for both the USA and Canada with back flow prevention

What electrical connection will I need?
The blower requires a dedicated 15 amp - 110 volt GFCI.

How loud is the blower?
Most blowers give out about 95 decibels which is quite loud. We exclusively use an Ultra Quiet pump manufactured in the USA that gives out under 65 decibels. When you are sitting in your tub, you hear the bubbles, not the pump.