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VTAXL73 73" HOT AIR Jetted Double Ended Extra Wide Tub with Drain and Concealed Blower
VTAXL73 73in HOT AIR Jetted Double End Wide Tub
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There is no deck area on this tub - will require either a wall mount or freestanding tub filler
1hp Ultra-Quiet heated air blower located inside pedestal base
Powerful 600w heater on the blower to increase air bubble temperature
Anti-back flow and Hartford Loop safety (outside back of tub)
Requires a dedicated 15amp - 110v GFCI
28 individual white air injectors in tub floor
Press button 3-speed plus oscillating function blower
Automatic self-purging cycle after 20 minutes
Three foot of cable from the tub to the wall
Package includes Victorian tub drain in your choice of color
Slip resistant floor

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Please Note: This tub is made to order and may take up to 2-3 weeks for preperation.

Availability:: Ships approximately November 9th
Product Code: VTAXL73

Don't add chromotherapy (no extra)
Add chromotherapy [Add $185.00]

Ozone Sanitizing*:
Don't add ozone sanitizing
Add Ozone Sanitizing [Add $175.00]

SS Overflow and Drain Finish*:
Brushed Nickel
Polished Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Don't supply a drain [Subtract -$35.00]

Tub Exterior Finish*:
Leave tub as high gloss white finish
Paint tub exterior to match solid color details I will send [Add $285.00]
Aged Chrome [Add $499.00]
Aged Copper Leaf [Add $499.00]
Aged Umber Gold Leaf [Add $499.00]
Aged Umber Silver Leaf [Add $499.00]
Eggshell Black [Add $285.00]

VTAXL73 73" HOT AIR Massage Double Ended Extra Wide Tub with Drain and Concealed Blower
Ready to plug in to a 15 amp 110 v GFCI

The 'VTAXL73' is a very large extra wide double ended Hot Air jetted pedestal bathtub offering an original vintage shape. This is spacious small tub with excellent leg room. A truly fabulous and spacious bathtub finished in high gloss white acrylic exterior and interior with an easy clean slip resistant floor.

Soothe away the aches of the day in a luxurious hot air massage bathtub. We offer a three speed control air pressure with an oscillating feature. All of our individual flat face air injectors are placed on the bottom of the tub to massage calves and thighs.We use a powerful 600w heater in our hot air blower to increase the air temperature to 115 degrees Fahrenheit (much hotter than normal bath water), but you may still notice a slight difference in bubble temperature to your bath water, especially at start up. These bubbles will become warmer as the blower and heater get up to their operating temperature.

Installation on this tub is very simple, everything needed is part of the tub. Simply connect the regular 3-pin plug to a 110v-15 amp GFCI and you're ready to go. The blower is inside the pedestal. In the unlikely event of a blower failure, replacing it is also very simple, just disconnect the electric and tub from the drain, turn it over and replace the blower, about a 30 minute job.

On the back or wall side of these pedestal jetted tubs, to comply with UL regulations and for operating safety, we are required to install a Hartford loop. Since this is at the back or side of the tub, it will not be visible if the tub is placed against a wall. If the tub is being placed in a central position, this is a feature of which you should be aware.

The blower is programmed with an automatic purge cycle to blow out any residual water left in the lines after use. The purge cycle starts 20 minutes after you turn off the blower and it will run for 5 minutes.
For two reasons, it is important to allow the blower to run the full 5 minutes, one, it will totally dry the lines and two, if you press the stop button, it will re-set to start again in another 20 minutes.