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LUXURY WIDE 'Calypso-PZ59' 59" WHITE CoreAcryl Acrylic Lightly Weathered Polished Zinc 'Pure-Metal' Exterior French Bateau Clawfoot Tub Package
LUXURY WIDE 'Calypso-PZ59' 59" WHITE CoreAcryl Acrylic Lightly Weathered Polished Zinc 'Pure-Metal' Exterior French Bateau Clawfoot Tub Package
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Choose your own fittings style and color finish at NO ADDITIONAL COST
High gloss white tub interior
Lightly weathered 'Pure-Metal' polished zinc exterior
High gloss 'easy clean' slip resistant floor
Heavy duty CoreAcryl acrylic tub with 5mm acrylic inner and outer skins
In tub body aluminum sheet insulation
Reinforced 3/4" shell thickness with narrow air gap
Reinforced tub base, weight tested to 1100 lbs
Cast iron feet of choice
Freestanding tub filler
Pop-up tub drain with both drain hub and tail piece

Printer friendly spec. 59" tub
Integrated drain installation sheet

Approved and listed to ASME, ANSI and CSA standards
MA Code Accepted
Your Price: $2,845.00

Availability:: Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Weeks
Product Code: CALYPSOPZ59

Remote Air Blower*:
Don't add air jets (no extra)
Add Remote Air Jetting with Ozone Sanitizing (allow extra 10 business days) [Add $899.00]

LW Foot Style*:
Supply Medici feet as photo (no extra)
Supply ball and claw feet (no extra)
Supply lion paw feet (no extra)

SSV Faucet Style*:
Supply Victoriana British Telephone Style (no extra)
Supply Modern EXPO Gooseneck Style Brushed Nickel (no extra)
Supply Modern EXPO Gooseneck Style Chrome (no extra)
Supply Modern EXPO Gooseneck Style Polished Nickel (no extra)
Supply modern EXPO faucet in un-lacquered polished brass (no extra)

SSV Fixture Finish*:
Chrome (no extra)
Brushed Nickel (no extra)
Oil Rubbed Bronze (no extra)
Polished Nickel (no extra)
Supply in unlacquered polished brass (no extra)

Freestanding Faucet or Not*:
Supply Freestanding Faucet (no extra)
Supply Faucet as a Wall Mount [Subtract -$79.00]
Supply Drain but NO Faucet [Subtract -$195.00]

LUXURY WIDE 'Calypso-PZ59' 59" WHITE CoreAcryl Acrylic Lightly Weathered Polished Zinc 'Pure-Metal' Exterior French Bateau Clawfoot Tub Package - (main photo here shows the 67" version with Medici feet and Victoriana freestanding tub filler)

Product Details
This 'Calypso-PZ59' is a simply stunning 59" long LUXURY WIDE French Bateau clawfoot tub with a bright white acrylic interior. The tub exterior is a lightly weathered (small dark pinholes as would naturally occur over time) 'Pure-Metal' Polished Zinc.
To complete the 'Calypso-PZ59' package, we include either an 'Empire' British Telephone style tub filler or our more modern 'Expo' goose-neck tub filler, plus a pop-up drain and Medici, ball and claw or lion paw feet. The feet are supplied unattached from the tub to allow for ease of movement and they are simple to install.
For a little added luxury, we also offer 'remote blower' air jetting on the '
Calypso-PZ59' package...only $899.0

‘Pure-Metal’ finishes are achieved by applying several very thin layers of actual molten metal to the exterior of the tub. After special preparation, the molten metal bonds completely to the acrylic exterior tub surface and to each additional metal layer. When the required thickness of applied metal is reached, the surface is hand sanded and polished to achieve the desired appearance. By applying lots of thin molten metal layers, we are able to offer a unique slightly weathered appearance of a metal tub that is a little older and more settled in the home.

The Luxury-Wide range of tubs offers more generous width (around 4 additional inches) for improved bathing comfort and enjoyment. These 'New for 2019' tubs, also include an integrated drain overflow which removes the need for drain hardware to be evident on the exterior of the tub.

Tub and Fittings Care and Maintenance
The high gloss acrylic and metal surfaces are very simple to maintain. For interior cleaning, we recommend a hot, damp soapy soft cloth, we don't recommend anything abrasive. Never use bleach, ammonia or any scouring powders on either the tub or the fittings, these will cause damage.
For serious stains inside your tub, we recommend a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge pad.
Since the exterior is a living finish, the polished zinc will very gradually, and almost imperceptibly, darken slightly in color over the years. If marked, a simple wipe with a soft cloth will remove most marks. Should heavy marking occur, use a little non-abrasive polish on a soft cloth.