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Air Jetted
Air jetting consists of small air injectors placed around the back and on the floor of the bathtub. Air is forced through tubing from a blower which is equipped with a heater. Air bubbles then enter the water and float upwards sliding over your body, back and legs, their slight coolness accentuating the sensation. While the air is heated, the bubbles will still feel slightly cooler than the water in a hot bathtub. There is no massage therapy from these bubbles, they purely create a relaxing, calming, pleasant feel.
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Hot Air Jetted Tubs

Make bathing the ultimate relaxation experience with a hot air jetted tub. You'll love the decadent feel of sliding into a heated bathtub with full body jets for a spa-quality experience. Unlike other jetted tubs, the ones you’ll find in this section produce hot air bubbles that feel exquisite. Our selection of jetted bathtubs includes the top brand, SanSiro. SanSiro is the master at designing beautiful tubs that include full body jets for a hydro massage that delivers serious soothing. We offer bathtub packages with matching or coordinating faucets for a truly luxurious effect.

No matter what your personal style is, you'll be able to find the right tub to match. From clawfoot to modern, our jetted tubs with heaters maintain an expensive look. As you plan your new bathroom addition, keep in mind that our heated soaking tubs will require a single electrical source. Browse our full selection for hot air jetted tubs in all styles and finishes to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of comfort.