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  1. Air Jetted - Air jetting consists of small air injectors placed around the back and on the floor of the bathtub. Air is forced through tubing from a blower which is equipped with a heater. Air bubbles then enter the water and float upwards sliding over your body, back and legs, their slight coolness accentuating the sensation. While the air is heated, the bubbles will still feel slightly cooler than the water in a hot bathtub. There is no massage therapy from these bubbles, they purely create a relaxing, calming, pleasant feel.
  2. Water Jetted - This involves the re-circulation of the water inside the tub. The water is sucked through a pump and pushed back into the tub at pressure via direction adjustable jets placed at the back, feet and sides. Due to the force of the water, this can offer a pleasant and effective massaging action and can relieve body aches.
  3. Spa Jetted - This includes a combination of both the above as well as a speed control to slow the water jets where bathers may prefer a less aggressive action of the incoming water at the jets. It also includes a water heater that will maintain the temperature of the water in the tub and can also raise the temperature slightly if the jets are allowed to run for longer periods. Most will include ozone sanitizing to prevent any bacteria build up in the supply pipes and a chromotherapy underwater light. The choice of different colors on the light can create a pleasant ambiance while bathing.
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Spa Bathtub

For the person craving a full spa experience, we offer jetted spa tubs. Designed to look gorgeous and feel amazing, these spa bathtubs deliver relaxation at the highest level. Every detail has been considered, from the positioning of the jets to a sanitizing ozone generator to prevent bacteria buildup, and these bathtubs are a step above the rest. Our range of styles includes a little of everything, from modern to pedestal to clawfoot, so your next freestanding jetted tub will seamlessly blend with your personal style. We care about providing the best industry brands, which is why we offer spa bathtubs from brands like SanSiro and Empress. These companies take the time to conceal pumps and hoses from sight, keeping your bathroom beautiful. They also use the quietest air blowers and water pumps for a truly serene bathtime.

You deserve to unwind. With our jetted spa tubs, you are able to customize your bath from start to finish. You'll find our hydro massage bathtubs allow you to control the intensity and temperature of the jets and air bubbles, so whether you've got tired muscles or need a little soothing, you can change the settings as you please. For an extra dose of ambiance, choose a tub with chromotherapy lights with 10 color options to set the mood to whatever you're feeling. Heated bathtubs make long days a thing of the past, and when you add jets and lighting, well, you've found nirvana. Shop at Baths of Distinction and find your little piece of paradise today.