Certifications and Approvals

cUL Listing
UL is a nationally recognized inspection and certification company. No electrical equipment should be installed in the USA or Canada without certification form either UL or a similarly accredited laboratory. UL listing shows that manufacturing of an item meets or exceeds recommended safety and construction requirements stipulated by either ASME or ANSI engineering codes. All of our jetted tubs are UL listed and all of the and parts and blowers supplied with our 'Air Massage' tubs are cUL listed.

All of our plumbing parts, which include our tubs, faucets, drains, showers etc. are cUPC listed for use both in the USA and Canada. Unlike Baths of Distinction, very few vintage tub suppliers offer cUPC listed tubs. Most States and local municipalities insist on this certification before signing off at inspection.

MA Approvals
Massachusetts approvals are required on all plumbing goods inside the Commonwealth. All of our tubs are MA approved.

CA Low Lead Requirement
California requires all sink faucets to be tested and approved under their new 'low lead content' regulation. All of our sink faucets meet these requirements.