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Our Bathtubs

There are so many different acrylic tubs out there at so many pricing levels that it can often be confusing, even to the knowledgeable buyer. While we can't speak for everyone else's tubs, we can talk extensively on ours, but we'll be brief.

Our tubs are built using a proprietary production method specification called CoreAcryl.

While it is similar to the method used by nearly all manufacturers of top quality acrylic tubs, at Baths of Distinction, we also include an aluminum barrier with a narrow air gap for added heat retention. The other major difference between our tubs and most others, our Hotel Collection Tubs are finished to a 3/4" wall thickness. This offers not only extra strength and durability, but the real feel of a substantially constructed bathtub.

While our tubs are not quite as heavy as cast iron, they are very strong and solid, with none of the negatives of cast iron. Many acrylic tubs are not constructed to the same specifications as ours and feel light and cheap, often with an unfinished exterior. This can make a big difference on pricing.

The interior and exterior finish on our tubs is a high gloss, looking very much like enamel or porcelain. But CoreAcryl does not have the really cold feel of enamel.

Another major difference is that all of our tubs carry the cUPC listing from IAPMO laboratories. Very few manufacturers can claim this distinction, but it is extremely important during building inspections. Many states will not allow the installation of tubs without the cUPC logo from IAPMO. It is the industry standard for quality and safety in production.

Our Faucets and Exposed Showers

Most top retailers purchase their vintage style faucets, like ours, from two or three factories. We only buy direct from manufacturers who carry the cUPC seal of approval. Again, without this, there is no guarantee of what you might be buying. While we specify the heavy weight all brass faucets for our products, the ceramic valve inserts and many other parts of the faucets will be the same as used in other top wholesaler/retailer faucets. There are some lookalikes out there without cUPC approvals that do not have industry standard fittings or valves, so it pays to look out. All of our exposed showers carry UPC listings and our Emperor range is thermostaically controlled to within 1 degree. On our exposed showers, we use a large 7/8" diameter heavy duty riser and solid state valves and a fantastic 8" rainfall head.

Our Shower Enclosures

When you order Hotel Quality showers and shower enclosures from Baths of Distinction, you are getting an extremely high standard indeed. Our 7/8" riser pipe diameter is the equal to the strongest in the industry, offering a totally rigid construction that will stand up to every day use for very many years. Our shower curtain rails do not need to be attached to the riser to become stable, they are totally self sufficient. However, to comply with good engineering practice, we still supply a connection piece form the riser to the curtain rail.